Content Score helps brands, advertisers & publishers monitor online content.

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We flag undesirable content by using AI-powered moderation API to identify harmful content and publishers in multiple languages.
Who we are

Content Score is a Factmata company, which began its journey in 2021 to apply Factmata’s intelligence to online brand safety and content moderation. We provide a layer of trust and openness to the marketers and customers in the online space. Our vision is to power an online world where marketers can safely target the right consumers, and consumers can browse with trust.

We help brands, agencies, publishers and platforms understand online content and identify risks. We offer a suite of language classifiers built from expert-driven AI.

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At Content Score, our mission is to target and reduce online harm to make our internet a better place. Contact us to learn more about how our AI solution could help your online platform. We will respond asap!

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Our mission

To focus on online safety, moderation & ranking technology

Our mission represents a challenging, but achievable goal in targeting and reducing online harm including by preventing funding for unsafe and unsuitable content through programmatic advertising to helping moderators and publishers identify toxic and harmful content on their platforms.