Content Moderation
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Content Moderation & Online Safety


Content Moderation performed by humans is time consuming, repetitive, and subject to bias and errors, which is a pain for publishers to understand how to rank or take down content by quality. The opaque upstream sources and bad partners are harmful for not only the readers, but also your ad revenue.


We offer precise detection of propaganda, hate speech, misinformation and other subtle, subjective types of unsafe content.
Our AI helps you detect problematic content faster, cheaper and more efficiently, reducing your spend on costy manual content moderation. The service includes:

Short, medium and long form content scoring capabilities.

Providing a ‘confidence score’ for each comment or article for each of our 19 signals.

Near real-time responses

API integration available

This adds another layer to our large, existing investments in content moderation. Their Moderation offering is yet another way to help ensure people are engaging with high-quality and premium publishers across our large network. They help us enhance our abilities by automating the process, helping us understand content that deserves a closer look, and providing a great team of responsive experts as well.”

Director of Taboola Protect
(Policy, Trust & Safety)

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